Our People

Our people are too busy to have their photos taken as they trying to make other people’s holidays everything they want them to be. However to give you some idea of how things work we have:

The King - The visionary and owner of our village, he's modest, lives in Tassie with his family, spends a lot of his time here at Tarraleah in his old green jumper making things nice and fixing things, knows every inch of the property including all the furnishings, which he's hand picked and mostly hand restored himself. Say hi if you spot him around.

The Mayor - Come to her when you need something fixed or just want to say nice things about the place, she's also one of the Keeper of the Whisky Keys (what a great job!)

The Chef - Not a plate thrower to be found in our kitchen. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find anything flying about except jokes. The chef spends a lot of time thinking of things he can put in the smoker, which is his favourite toy in the kitchen. 

The Housekeepers -  When you were young when your mother told you that the fairies dont clean up messes - she was right. We have our own fairies to clean up messes. They are our lovely housekeeping team.

The Cafe Coffee Gurus - Always cooking up something new, or finding a new way to convince you to drink more coffee. Sit here long enough with their friendly smiles and you'll want to take them home with you. The cafe team are originally from Tassie, and mostly recently joined us from QLD. They are still in awe of each snowfall and have 100 ways to warm you up.

The Highlander - No formalities, just genuine and friendly service. Our current team cover a wide range of internationals who speak a variety of languages. Try out your Spanish, German, Italian or just plain English and you'll get a friendly response.

Groundskeeper - What a trooper, the groundsman maintains our extensive and beautiful grounds and gardens, and you'll see the results of the superhuman labours that go into it. On his days off this superman likes to hike in the snow, climb mountains or challenge himself to a night hike. Watch out for him.

The Receptionists - Dont let them tell you any tall tales, especially about Tasmanian Tigers. Reception should be your first port of call when you arrive, and you will probably talk to the team before you get here too. They dont bite, so ask all of those burning questions you have about the property. 

Most of our team live on site in funny little places around the property, but occasionally we escape. If we look bewildered when you arrive, its probably been awhile since we've been out. You can coax us out with tidbits of food and information on the outside world.