Fishing in Tasmania's Highland Lakes

The Trout

In 1839 the first brown trout were released in Tasmania and these wild fish have been bred ever since. Arguably the purest stock in the world, Tasmania's isolation and abundance of perfect conditions make highland fishing here a dream location.

We have over thirty lakes and more than six streams within a thirty minute radius. Local lakes have rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon as well as trophy size brown trout and brook trout.

Average weights around two to four pounds - it is the experience that is truly different. Tasmania's specialty is 'sight fishing' where you spot and then stalk a specific fish, tremendously exciting and like nowhere else on the planet.

Good fishing is between September and March, but you can fish all year on some lakes.

Highland fishing on streams, makes, rivers and dams are all within reach; wade, walk, be taken by boat or try kayak fishing in one of our 'fish yaks' for fishing with a difference.

Our store at Tarraleah has a wide range of lures, flies and line.

Talk to our guide about the various highland fishing options and the best waters in the region. Even if you choose to fish alone, never feel underwhelmed in front of your quarry - we can provide advice, guidance and even a little (actually very little) sympathy when you adversary gets the better of you.

Come and stay with us at Tarraleah and get truly hooked in the Tasmanian wilderness.

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